Piranha Plant Infestation Shuts Down Major Warp Zone

TOAD TOWN, MUSHROOM KINGDOM — Commuters encountered a nasty surprise on their way to work this morning: during the night, piranha plants overran the Mushroom Kingdom-Seaside Town warp zone. The City Guard has halted all traffic to and from the station until further notice.

The Royalands Plumbing Authority advises citizens to stay away from the warp zone and the man-eating plants inside until the situation is under control. As of now, there’s no estimate as to when that might be. “It’ll be done when it’s done,” Chief Foreman Spike said, noting that the RPA is currently overextended due to the sidestepper outbreak in Big Ape City. “Get over it.”

The Mushroom Kingdom-Seaside Town warp zone connects Toad Town to Koopa Beach, Ripple Town, and Kitchen Island. It is the eighth-most used warp zone in the city; it’s especially busy during the winter months, when wealthy vacationers flee to the Royalands’ more tropical regions.