Shy Guy Cult Linked to Recent Murders

TOAD TOWN, MUSHROOM KINGDOM — A local murder investigation took an ominous turn earlier this week when a Shy Guy mask and robe were discovered among one of the victims’ belongings.

The City Guard found the distinctive garments while searching the apartment of Tolidar Toadle, the latest casualty in a series of increasingly bizarre murders that have rocked the Mushroom Kingdom. Over the past year, four citizens — including Toadle — have died in or near the Peaceful Woods, all under mysterious circumstances. While the Guard has not revealed specific causes of death, a spokestoad claims that there is “sufficient evidence to believe that the cases are related.”

The Shy Guy outfit has become a calling card for the secretive cult, which worships a frog-like deity named Wart, also known as “the king of Subcon.” According to Shy Guy scripture, the land of Subcon can only be accessed via dreams. As such, the Shy Guys believe that true happiness can only be found through “eternal slumber.”

The Toad Town Guard encourages anyone with information on Toadle’s death or the Shy Guys’ latest activities to share what they know with authorities.